Computer tomography

To see what is not visible

Analysis options

  • Graphical variance analysis
  • Material homogeneity / porosity
  • Coordinate measurement technology
  • Visualisation
  • Wall thickness analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Reverse engineering

In medicine the computer tomography as a diagnostic technique is being used successfully for a long time.
In the meantime it has also been established in many areas of industry as well as research and development. As a volume-building method for many measurement and test problems the computer tomography helps to locate errors from the production and to reduce development times.

The computer tomograph is ideal for the non-destructive analysis and measuring of geometry, where conventional measurement is difficult or impossible. Within a short time a component can be analysed a 100 percent. The complexity of the component and hidden respectively difficult-to-access characteristics have no influence on the quality of the analysis. Thus, reliable and comprehensive statements in the initial sample inspection and the quality control are possible.

High-resolution 3D images enable the visualisation of biological objects as well as the failure analysis of components or the geometric measurement of specimens. The smallest structures and hidden elements can be analysed with high accuracy. The use in research and development is almost boundless.