3D-Measurement technology

Accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 STS (entire laboratory)

Our competence

  • Tactile and optical component measurement
  • Measurement of small to medium sized components, from the component part to the large-scale production
  • Accuracy in fractions of thousandth millimetre
  • Complex contours and free-form surfaces against CAD
  • Worm gears
  • Gearwheels from module ca. 0.2
  • In-process inspection
  • Initial sample inspection

Traceable and reliable measurement results are a matter of course for us as measurement service provider. Our entire measurement laboratory has been accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. Thus we are committed to work according to international standards. Regularly inspected machines and the very high quality of the laboratory guarantee results of the highest standard.

There are numerous reasons for subcontractors, manufacturers and end users to commission a sample inspection or a component measurement from an external measurement laboratory.

  • A neutral measuring/sample inspection is necessary.
  • The own equipment (machine, laboratory) does not meet the requirements.
  • In-house capacity bottlenecks
  • etc.

Whatever the case may be, we are optimally equipped for all requirements: From the most complex component part measurement to the large scale measurement, from the initial sample inspection to the in-process inspection.

Five tactile machines with different equipment such as swivel heads, fixed analog sensors as well as a multi-sensor machine (optical/tactile) provide a wide application spectrum.